Cookie Cutter People



My name is Lori. I’m from Cedar Park, TX. The end.

It wasn’t intentional. Surely there was an effort made to interview me. But there was no interview. However, my husband was fortunate enough to be interviewed: born in Kentucky, raised in Houston, graduated from UT Austin with a business degree, employed by an orthopedic implant company and is married to Lori, who is from Cedar Park.

Each week I receive an email that contains carefully constructed mini biographies of couples, individuals and children. Their life stories are based on one simple interview.

In last week’s email I met John and Betty: “John was born and raised *here*, went to school *here* and has a degree in *this*. John loves to do *this* on the weekends. John and Betty married in *this* year and have *xxxxxxxx* number of children who attend *this* school. Betty has a degree in *this* and is on *this* committee and does *this* in her spare time.”

How is it possible that Betty has any amount of spare time with *THAT* number of kids!?!

My name is Lori, I’m from Cedar Park.

I anticipated when it would be my turn to have my mini biography published. What would I tell the interviewer about myself? I didn’t have to answer that question because there was no interview.

Week after week, I see the biographies of all these interesting people and wonder how mine would have stacked up next to theirs. I don’t have a college degree or a super interesting job in a super interesting field. I don’t have a specific hobby or passion. I haven’t traveled to interesting places. I’m the married mom of two teenagers and two dogs with an average house in an average neighborhood. Nothing too noteworthy. I was born and raised in Cedar Park where I still live… now THAT is noteworthy. Almost as much as THIS little unknown tidbit: I still bake my cookies on the same cookie sheet I used in 1993. I know, I know…I shouldn’t overwhelm you with too many interesting facts about myself.

My name is Lori. I’m from Cedar Park AND I’m a cookie cutter person.

Just like those cookie cutter neighborhoods where all of the houses are the same and nothing about any one house stands out as particularly interesting… I’m a cookie cutter person that lives in a cookie cutter house.

I wasn’t granted my six sentences to shine in that weekly email and I’m really quite thankful. I’m afraid I would have gone into a spiel about all of the ingrown toenails I so bravely overcame as a child. Or how I was a ten year old expert in mud pie making.

That weekly email has been a convicting reminder to break out of the cookie cutter mold and add more interest, purpose and zest to my life. It’s given me a bold realization that I have much more potential jailed within me that needs to break free. It’s not about comparing myself to others and their college degrees, careers, children or hobbies. It’s about discovering my own passions and purpose in life and finding a way to use the creative gifts and talents I’ve been given.

Re-discovering myself was an agonizing process. Difficult questions had to be answered. I had to move off the back burner and intentionally grant myself the alone time I needed in order to answer these questions. Finally, the mold has been broken and I see a clearer picture of who I am and what I’m here for. I’m a writer. I’m an encourager through the words I write. I’m an aspiring speaker with a desire to inspire women to break out of their cookie cutter molds and SEE God speaking to them. I’m not first, I’m last. I’m here to serve my Creator, my family, my friends and you.

My name is Lori. I’m from Cedar Park. Who are you?


RELISH: Feeling a little bored and useless with too much monotony? Do you want an elephant cookie cutter life, but you’re stuck with a snail cookie cutter life? Intentionally set out to discover or renew a passion or talent, and then USE those talents for the good of others.

SALT: God gives us gifts to use for unique and specific purposes. Romans 12:6 “we have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us”.

These are known as Spiritual gifts and are used to build up the church (the church as people, not a building). Romans 12:6-8 outlines the seven gifts: prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, leading, giving and showing mercy.

 Which gift do you have and how are you using it to fulfill God’s purposes for your life?


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