What will you find here? Contrary to the title of this site, you will not find pickled condiments and seaside residue.  You’ll find Real Encouraging Lessons InSide Here.

Lessons are learned from everyday, ordinary things in this world. The Bible is full of examples of these lessons. They are called parables: comparing a familiar idea to an unfamiliar idea for the purpose of teaching a lesson that can be visualized and remembered. Similar to parables, you’ll find stories here that compare two seemingly different things or ideas for the purpose of teaching an encouraging lesson.

Since 2014, I’ve jotted down some pretty crazy ideas of how certain objects remind me of certain life lessons. Some are just general life lessons, others are Spiritually Applied Lessons Too.

Like the time I was stopped in a construction zone, waiting for a dump truck to empty its load.  The truck dumped the dirt onto the ground and then I watched how the workers smoothed the dirt for the new road. God was speaking to me right then. The dump truck was me, carrying around loads of dirt (anxiety, fear, depression…) that needed to be dumped at Jesus’ feet. He took my load and smoothed it out so that I could be used for a greater purpose.

Jesus talked about soil, seeds, sheep and Samaritans. I’ll be talking about roasted marshmallows, mustache wax and wax seals…just to name a few.

Yes, encouragement CAN be found in mustache wax.

You’ll just have to read and see.


365 Wow Women

January 27th, 2017 is my birthday.

It’s also the first day of a year-long challenge I’ve given myself: “365 Wow Women”.

The challenge is for me to meet one new woman every day for one year. Two questions will be asked:

  1. What is it about you that make other people say “Wow!”? A talent or skill? Personality trait? Accomplishments? Struggles you’ve endured and overcome?
  2. What are your dreams and aspirations?

This challenge is documented daily on Instagram and includes a picture of myself and the new woman I met, along with a short snippet of her answers. With each woman I meet, I’m leaving her a printed card that has a short, encouraging story attached.

The next logical question that I KNOW you are asking yourself is “WHY???”

  1. Too often we focus on our negative traits and we don’t stop to think about what makes us special or unique, let alone tell someone! If these women haven’t dreamed in a while or they don’t know what their aspirations in life are, then maybe this question will spur them on to explore the possibilities for their own life. I want to listen to these women and encourage them.
  2. Other people will be encouraged by seeing the faces of these 365 Wow Women and reading their stories.
  3. This challenge is yanking me FAR out of my comfort zone and into a zone where I’m seeing life through a different color lens.
  4. I want to prove to myself that I can do something consistently and stick with it. I haven’t always been the best about that and I want to make a change. I’m hoping that by seeing this through, it will encourage ME to apply that attitude and perspective to other areas of my life.
  5. Finally, the ultimate reason I’m doing this…God told me to, that’s why!